Sunday, June 28, 2009

You'll Wanna Bi Won

by Kyla

If you're jonesin for some spice, which does not exist in most Argentine restaurants, than you'll be happy with the sizzling feeling left in your mouth when you eat at Bi Won. This rare Korean hightlight in the parrilla obsessed world of BsAs restaurants offers tasty dishes that use more than just black pepper to heat up their food.

From the outside, you may walk by this Once establishment except if you noctice the small sign hanging outside. The interior feels like you've entered a Howard Johnson hotel restaurant that was splattered with some Korean writings and a few paper screens. However un-Korean it feels, the waiters (all Argentine) know their stuff and there were real life Koreans at the surrounding tables. The waiters bring out the menu, and help you navigate the Soju (Korean vodka) list, showing you how to pour it without insulting anyone.

The first part of the eating adventure started with a heaping helping of banchan (small plates of food before your real food arrives) which included kim-chi, pickled cucumber, diakon, spinach, fried fishies, some unidentifiables, and the "always happy to come to the banchan party"-the mayonnaisey potato salad.

For our entrees, we decided on dolsot bibimbap, a staple of rice, meat and veggies served in a stoneware pot and a brothy, dumpling soup. Both were very tasty and fresh. The salt to size of plate ratio was high as usual but I did not go into an MSG haze after finishing. To help counter balance the spice and salt, we were served sliced oranges which was a nice finale
to a fantastic meal.

DON'T FORGET TO- Chat it up with the waiters and pick their brains on whats good.

Bi Won

Junín 548 - ONCE
Telefono: 4372-1146

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