Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guidos Bar-You'll Get What You Deserve

by Kyla

No menu? What kind of restaurant is this? Its one where you have to trust the wait staff, the chef, and the owner Guido. In this small Palermo, chatchke filled restaurant, you will be served whatever the chef specializes in that day. The waiter asks only one question "Blanco o tinto?" depending on your wine preference. Everything else is brought in and set down in an array of colors and mouth watering flavors.

With Marilyn Monroe, tango artist Carlos Gardel, and Tony Montana staring down at you, your table will be filled with various entradas (appetizers) sometimes consisting of plates of eggplant with olive oil, garlic and red peppers, bean dips, eggplant parmesean and other tasty bread dipping deliciousness. For the plato principales (entree's) we sampled three types of pastas. My favorites being spiral pasta with a savory masala sauce and the other a spaghetti cooked al dente with a curry sauce like no other. The best part was yet to come. When they asked if we were full, we answered that we only had room for desert. That was our mistake. The platter of sumptuous deserts that was put in front of us was a diabetics nightmare. I can still taste the cream filled cannoli and a silky smooth tiramisu on my lips.

This is one place not to pass up if you're in Buenos Aires.

MUST SEE: Check out the men's room for a varitable gallery of tetas, raunchy drawings, and pin-up girls.

Guido's Bar
Direccion: Rep├║blica de la India 2843-PALERMO

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