Sunday, June 28, 2009

Guidos Part Deux

by Kyla

Like all love affairs, sometimes you just can't always get what you want. One Friday night, not long ago, M and I went back to our favorite restaurant in BsAs, Guido's Bar. When we entered, we were greeted by the man that should've helped us get what we wanted. However, his heart (and all the tables) were full. We were informed that we'd have to go to the 'other, equally as good ' (aka the bastard child of Guido) Guido's Restaurant (as opposed to Guido's Bar-GsB). Our hearts sank but we were guaranteed that the quality of food was just as good since the chef from Guido's Bar moved over to the new locale, just a few blocks away.

With our heads hung down, we headed up Republica de India, feeling rejected and starved for love (or comida). When the doors opened, we were welcomed by a gay cowboy, chipper as all get up but definitely of the Palermo hipster breed. As we followed him to the bar while we waited to get seated, we noticed the vibe was completely opposite of GsB. Instead of old film photos, chatsky's cluttering the walls and shelves, and tables of families, old union looking guys, and an occasional tourist, this one was full of trendy chetto (snobby) folk, clean dark wood walls hung with fancy, large mirrors, and sofa chairs next to the tables. The vibe felt like a cheap date that turned out to actually be expensive for no good reason.

We decided the best way to really test this place's true love would be to try the Degustacion menu (which is how we ate at GsB ). At 90 pesos its pricey but worth it. However, you have to wear your heart on your sleeve as you enter because you get whatever Guido has in store for you from the kitchen. There is a menu but just take your chances as we did and let go of the reigns and rest in the hands of chef Guido. We figured we would fill our empty souls with platters of savory appetizers, pastas to get choked up about, and a platter of four various deserts to write home about. To top it off, a bottle of rich and tasty Malbec was to be partnered with the deliciousness.

As soon as we ordered, the cornucopia started pouring in with plates of eggplants with red peppers and Mediterranean sauce , sauteed and mashed chickpeas, olive spreads, and baked vegetables stuffed with cheese. All of a sudden there were taste explosions in our mouths. We weren't sure if we could handle more of this roller coaster of emotions, when all of a sudden the pasta arrived. The most amazing part of the Guido's experience is the homemade pasta cooked perfectly al dente. The way they prepare their pastas is an art piece in food expression and we were able to make room for the world tour. We closed our eyes and just tasted the goodness slip past our tastebuds.

The next phase of emotional highs and lows, we were given was our grand finale sugar fix. Four varieties of deserts, homemade and very Italian were dropped off in front of us. A sinfully, dark chocolaty cake and a small flan mountain were the most memorable, little morsels of sweetness but not overwhelming. We couldn't handle to much more of this affair.

The food of at Guido's Restaurant really tested our love. The food was just as true and rich as GsB but the waiters and Western-style, snobby host did not make us feel as welcome and familial. The whole experience was nothing like Guido's Bar where the service and atmosphere are key compnents for making the relationship work. Therefore, I say go to Guido's Restuarant when there's no chance to get into GsB.

MUST SEE: Check out the sauced, single, elderly lady at the bar nodding off while eating her desert and drinking her large copa de vino. When we were lucky enough to view her, she'd been at the bar eating and drinking since 8 pm and it was 12 am, our waitress informed us.

Guidos Restaurant
Address: Blvd. Cerviño 3943 - PALERMO
Tel: 4802-1262

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