Monday, July 13, 2009

Cantina China es Fina

by Kyla

Mike and I were going out on Friday night and we were set on eating some tasty Thai food at the Lotus Restaurant in Barrio Chino. When we arrived to the empty Lotus around 9pm, we were informed that all the tables were reserved. How could this be?!?! We had gotten a table easily before but never tried on a Friday night. What were we to do? We figured that testing our luck at one of the many Chinese restaurants nearby would have to be the alternative.

There's a small, almost Italian looking red and white colored Chinese resto on the corner of Mendoza and Arribenos smack dab in the middle of Barrio Chino. Every time I've walked by it, its been full. I figured that's a good sign so we took our chances and walked in. It was full and we were told by a customer waiting outside that we needed to take a number. Luck was on our side because as soon as we entered, a two-top opened up and we plopped ourselves down at a table next to the window.

It was a cold, wintery night in BsAs so we ordered two cups of wonton soup (10 pesos each) and sipped away at the yummy broth filled with greens and tasty pork filled dumplings. For our entrees we shared one order of wide noodles with mixed vegetables and meat (20 pesos) and a special eggplant dish that was supposedly 'picante' but ended up not being spicy (22 pesos). The entrees were well flavored and not too heavy on the MSG. We washed everything down with loose leafed jasmine tea (6 pesos) and ended the meal with a bowl of lychees (9 pesos). Plus the service was very good-quick and made sure they got everything right.

TRY THIS! - I noticed that many people were eating a heaping pile of veggies and meat out of a bowl made of fried noodles (it was the Chinese version of a hot taco salad).

I highly recommend this joint but suggest that you get there early on the weekends or order take out. Two chopsticks up!!!

Cantina China Town
Mendoza 1700 - BELGRANO