Wednesday, October 7, 2009


by Kyla

Argentina is not known for its spicy foods. On the table you'll only see salt, lonely lil salt with no pepper. However, at Mumbai in Palermo you get the peppers...and the SPICE!

Every Monday I have a yoga class where the teacher plays Hindu music. For some reason, I always want to eat Indian food after class. But I had to wait until Friday when Mike and I had time and energy. Actually, this restaurant, Mumbai, is the very first restaurant I took Mike to when he arrived a year ago. Of course, he didn't know where the hell he was last year, so this visit was more meaningful.

We went early (9pm) and the place was pretty much empty. We had the waiter all to ourselves and he was great. Very helpful in helping us order in Spandu (a messed mixture of Spanish and Hindu). Plus, he asked us about our spice level desire and explained what each one was like. There must have been an authentic Indian chef in the kitchen to be so on point.

To start we had some very authentic Veggie samosas (21 pesos). We ordered a Matter Paneer (33 pesos) and Jhal Frezy with Lamb (45 pesos) for our entrees. So tasty!! The paneer was a perfect mixture of cheesy-saucy goodness and the lamb extremely tender. The garlic naan (9 pesos) we ate with everything was huge and very dipable.

To quench our thirsts, we had a Mumbai Scratch (25 pesos) and a Gin and Tonic (20 pesos). Supposedly they use real quinine in the drinks so we had to try. Really I can't remember what the hell we drank but it went down easy.

By the time we left, the place was packed. Apparently, we weren't the only ones loving this place. I recommend this place if you are craving some spicy, delicious Indian food in Buenos Aires. Try WHATEVER is on the specials of the day. Gonna be good!

Direccion: Honduras 5684-PALERMO
Tel: 4775-9791


Julia said...

I think we have to go here for Josh's bday. We've been talking non-stop about how much we miss Indian we can shut up and eat!

sabi said...

Ky I' ve just discovered your blog! great! I 'll 've to try somebody this indian food
ps: look the effect your blog has in me, know I speak english! well bye I've to keep reading.